Welcome to my route.  I am not a big runner, but I do run a fair amount.  When I am not training for something specific, I run exactly 5K about 4 days a week.  Always in the AM.  Swimming and biking on the other days.  Some days include two of the three.  I enjoy running - somewhat - but I also travel a lot and have come to realize I really don't like to run when I am out of town. More of a chore or a task than an enjoyable exercise. Although I have been running my route for many years it finally came to me in one of those "blinding glimpses of the obvious" that I get from time to time.   My daily route is really the prettiest and nicest 5K anywhere. A real joy that I am thankful to have.  Anywhere else I run is not nearly as nice and comes up short!  So I thought I would attempt to share it with you. (I of course " boom! branded" my route!)

I live in historic Gates Mills, Ohio - part of Western Reserve (Connecticut) first settled in 1796.  Nestled in the Chagrin Valley, my route runs along the Chagrin River and includes notable local landmarks such as the Chagrin Valley Hunt Club, Old Livery Tavern and St. Christopher By-the-River Church and includes the old mill race, horses, polo fields, split rail fences, stone walls and white picket fences protecting beautiful white Western Reserve houses.  "Downtown" Gates Mills, with the town hall, the post office, library and Sara's Place restaurant is just a treat.

A little challenging, the first 1.5 miles is mostly slightly uphill with the biggest problem keeping an eye out for the occasional horse manure on the road.  Very few cars, an occasional cyclist.  The last 300 meters or so is straight uphill to my finish line.  It is an out and back 5K, but there are a number of other places to go to easily turn this into a 8-10 mile scenic run. 

Thanks for watching (I'll do better on the quality next time) and feel free to show me your route!  Boom!

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