Coupon code TOGETHER50 for a 50% discount on great tasting CarbBoom! Energy Gels thru March 31First off, I want to wish all of our customers, fans, friends and training buddies around the world good luck and good health as we hunker down and deal with this unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic. 

We are sharing with you, as well as following ourselves, the best advice we can find for keeping ourselves, our loved ones and our fellow citizens as healthy as possible.  They include:

  • Practice social distancing

  • Wash your hands – frequently

  • Disinfect surfaces

  • Don’t touch your face (as if that were possible)

  • Get some fresh air

  • Continue to get some exercise

  • Get plenty of sleep

Since most of our customers are endurance and multi-sport athletes and were probably well into training for a spring/summer event that has most likely been cancelled, some additional advice may be in order:

  • Continue your training but dial the intensity back a bit. No need to unnecessarily stress your immune system at this time.

  • Listen to your body - particularly as it relates to recovery.

  • Stay hydrated (lots of water) and limit alcohol consumption.

  • Carb Up.Your body needs it before, during and after a workout.

  • Be safe! Don’t risk a hospital visit over a training accident.

Clearly this is an unsettling and stressful time for all of us.  Exercise and continued training certainly can help with finding an equilibrium so continue to do that.  Additionally, you may think about finding the ways to help support others in your communities that may need some additional love and assistance.  We continue to recommend that everyone find a way to support your favorite local small business.  To help everyone we know "keep on keeping on" the Boom! Nutrition way, we are announcing a 50% discount on all of our great tasting CarbBoom! Energy Gels thru the end of March.  Use coupon code TOGETHER50 at

We are all in this together and God willing, will get through it together. 

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