I am so excited that Boom is back! I’ve used 2 of the samples (thank you again) and thank goodness you have maintained the consistency - [OTHER BRAND] is so thick I gag every time I try one but Boom went down so easy ... and therefore provided perfect energy. Used one on a brick Tuesday and another today on a fabulous 8 mile run ... it was perfect!
— Angie F., Geared Up Triathlon Team, USAT Level II Coach, Fort Myers, FL
Angie F., Geared Up Triathlon Team, USAT Level II Coach
“I’ve actually noticed that when I use Boom gels, I’m not getting as much of the tunnel vision/light headed/dizzy symptoms at the end of a race or long work out that I used to. I was thinking it might just be coincidence but then I did some research and the 9:1 complex:simple sugar ratios makes a lot of sense. The complex maltodextrin is a lot more efficient and sustainable in comparison to the simple sugars and boom gels have a higher ratio than a lot of the other products out there. I’m not burning through my energy as fast so I’m not getting as dizzy...pretty cool!!”
— Heidi B., Team USA, Cleveland, OH
Anyway, trusting that my body (in a fairly stressed state) would still respond to Carb-boom, I chose to try the new boom! that was being handed out by the volunteers at the run aid stations. Over the next five miles (as I was falling apart a bit), I consumed two Grape Pomegranate and one Vanilla Orange. (No volunteer seemed to have my favorite—Apple Cinnamon—or my second favorite, Strawberry Kiwi.)

It turns out that my body responds very well to the Grape Pomegranate. I almost instantly noticed an increase in mental acuity and, thus, an increase in cadence. My posture improved, and positive thoughts found their way back to my brain.
— Jason McF., Kona Qualifier, Chino Hills, CA
I really liked the Boom gels. I could taste real fruit! There were some nuanced favors rather than the gel hitting you square in the face as SWEET. I liked the salt in them, and the tartness in the pomegranate. Favorite flavors were apple and pomegranate. Orange was next. Banana was most interesting. Thanks for letting me try them.
— Triathlete, Denver, CO